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Below you will find a collection of products with children in mind.  Both gifts and products for daily use are available at Label-Headquarters.   If you don't find what you are looking for and think we might be able to produce it ... Please let us know your needs by emailing support@label-headquarters.com or callling customer support at (540) 200-8774. 

Featured NEW Product:

Name Art Labels    What child doesn't want to see their name in art?  

Each letter of your child's name
is phonetically illustrated and printed on 5/8" by 1 7/8" labels!  

Daycare Fire Helmet NametagDaycare Rainbow Nametag   
Daycare Nametags to label everything you send with your child to daycare or preschool. Includes their name, and a fun graphic to make them easy to recognize.   Available in waterproof options and standard options. 

Sports Ball Labels
Our Sports Ball Labels can also be used as Name Tag Labels.  Since they allow up to four lines of text you can include a phone number, address, or other contact information.  The can also be used as traditional return address labels for children, youth, or adults.




Other label options that you might find useful include our standard Roll Labels which can have from 1 to 4 lines of text and up to 28 characters.   The available icons include six children's icons like teddy bears, plus there are pet and farm icons that are very child friendly.  The Designer Roll Labels also have some fun options your child might like.


Your childCircle Labels might also like our fun Circle Labels, with their name and contact information around a monogram or graphic.   You can include their name, emergency contact information, or any three lines of text that will fit.   If you like the labels, but want  different graphic (even one of the Name Art characters below) ask for more information.


Traditional Sheet LabelsIf you just need some basic labels check out the "Traditional Address Label Sheets.  You can enter up to five lines of text, with up to 32 characters per line.  In addition to the colors listed above (Gold, White, Clear) these labels are also available in White (non-gloss), Crystal Clear, Silver Foil, Polyester White, Rainbow (8-color),  and six solid colors (red, orange, yellow, green blue violet).  Both the Clear and the Polyester White labels are waterproof, Gloss White and Gold & Silver foil labels are water resistant.  Choose from five fonts, plus the option of bold and italics.  Three font choices for the monogram are available, or choose one of the eight icons if desired.  Available in packs if 500 and 1000 labels.


Children's Name Art

Turn your child's name into a piece of Teaching Art with fun characters created by J. Boyd Gray. 


Children's Name Poems

A poem created using the letters of your child's name to create a fun descriptive poem. 

Name Teaching Art     


Letter from Santa

A Letter from Santa for your child ... These are only sent in late November or Early December.   Letter is personalized with your child's name.


Children's Name Stickers

234 acid free stickers with 120 stickers personalized in each set.


When the current stock is gone, these stickers will be replaced with a similar but different name sticker product.



Children's Gift Tags

Personalize with your name and use for gifts to children, or personalized with your child's name and use on gifts they are giving.  Available with four fun graphics, either individually or as a collection.

Children's Labels - Gift Tags


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