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Label-Headquarters will try to produce whatever you can imagine....

We can produce special labels for personal and business usage.  We also cater to the specific needs of specialty businesses.   Honey/Maple producers are just one example of responding to the needs of your business. The Honey/Maple Producer page will give you some insight into the range of labels we can produce including pre-configured designs, and fully custom labels.  

  • Short Run:  we can produce short run sheet labels (6 sheets and up), in any size and shape that will fit on 8.5” x 11” label stock.  With our digital label cutter we can cut labels to any shape you need … or … we have a wide range of pre-cut labels in stock.  Turn-around time on these can be very short.
  • Longer Run: generally cost effective on orders of  5,000 or 10,000 labels and up. These labels can be pretty much any size, shape, stock type that you can imagine.   These take a bit longer to produce, but delivery will be very timely.
  • Automatic applicator:  Custom labels designs can be created with alternating labels for front and back of bottles or cans in any quantity you need.
  • Graphics:  We can use your graphics (the higher the resolution the better), or work with you to develop your custom label content.

Call or Email for more information, and to discuss your specific needs..
support@label-headquarters.com   ***   Message Line: (540) 200-8774

Maple Leaf Label          



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