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Below you will find our classic size of return address label on sheets.  All of the labels in this collection are the same size label as the original labels, produced on rolls, by IPC (Information Products Co.) of Salem, Virginia, however additional options are available.  ALL of these labels are 1 7/8" x 5/8" with rounded corners.

Scroll down for additional options such as Accent Line, Edge Monogram, and Bold First Line labels.

Links to other label sizes:   Smaller Labels on Sheets  --  Larger Labels on Sheets   --   Roll Labels (Larger) -- Patriotic Labels on Sheets/Rolls

 Personalized Address Labels Sheets Traditional Address Label Sheets
Personalized Sheet Labels Traditional Sheet Labels
 For most basic options choose the "Personalized Address Labels Sheets".  This product is the most similar to the IPC-Salem labels in terms of colors, number of lines, and font options.   They are available in White (Gloss), Clear (Matte), Gold Foil, Rainbow (4-color) and a Flag option.     Choose from Block or Italics, and add a monogram is desired.  You can enter up to four lines of content with 28 characters per line.  Content will be centered, except of the Flag and Monogram labels where it will be left justified.  Available in packs of 250 and 500 labels.     Note: while the flag option is similar to the "Flag" labels offered by IPC-Salem, it is not 25% wider, comes in quantities of 250 & 500 (rather than 200 & 400), and the text is left justified rather than centered. If you need a few more options, the "Traditional Address Label Sheets may be your best option.  You can enter up to five lines of text, with up to 32 characters per line.  In addition to the colors listed above (Gold, White, Clear) these labels are also available in White (non-gloss), Crystal Clear, Silver Foil, Polyester White, Rainbow (8-color),  and six solid colors (red, orange, yellow, green blue violet).  Both the Clear and the Polyester White labels are waterproof, Gloss White and Gold & Silver foil labels are water resistant.  Choose from five fonts, plus the option of bold and italics.  Three font choices for the monogram are available, or choose one of the eight icons if desired.  Available in packs if 500 and 1000 labels.

Accent Line Labels

Choose from a variety of fonts for the title and text line(s) with an accent line.  Available in the full range of colors, these labels add a distinctive flair to your labels.

Bold First Line Labels

Highlight your name or company name in bold text. Available in the full range of colors, and a variety of font options.  Get them in packs of 500 and 1000 labels.

Edge Monogram Labels

Include your initials, instead of a single character monogram, with the text left justified. Full range of colors, get them in packs of 500 and 1000 labels.

Accent Line Labels      Bold First Line Labels      Edge Monogram Labels


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