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Label-Headquarters can now produce short-run cut to shape and custom cut labels.  Any size and shape labels can be cut and print to your specifications.  Labels will be cut on 8.5" stock, with as many labels per page as will fit, depending on the size and shape of the label.   

To confirm that we don't have what you need in a standard label please review our Label Comparison Chart for in-stock options, and our Blank Labels page for a comprehensive list of standard sizes, shapes, and stock types.  Any labels (size or stock type) listed on the Blank Labels page can be printed in any quantity, however small quantities of labels not in-stock will be surcharged.

Shapes not already configured will require a one-time setup fee ranging from $25 to $50 depending on complexity of the setup.   An additional $50 fee will be required if you wish to retain exclusive use of the shape.  See below for shapes already configured and ready to be cut.

The per sheet cost for short runs of the cut to shape labels labels is $1 per sheet, plus the normal cost for the Custom Printed Label ... Labels can also be cut but not printed, allowing you to print as needed.  Blank Custom Cut labels will be 30% less than Custom Printed Labels.  Custom printing charges are listed at the bottom of the Label Comparison Chart.  

Pricing Examples
(These are examples only, contact support@label-headquarters.com for details.)

Standard Design, Custom Printed, Black Print on Mid-Gloss White Label Stock
     $1 (cut) + $1.24 (print) = $2.24/sheet  plus setup $25 (print) ...  8 sheets = $42.92 ($5.37/sheet) ... 16 sheets = $60.84 ($3.80/sheet)

Simple Design (non-exclusive), Custom Printed, Black Print on Mid-Gloss White Label Stock
     $1 (cut) + $1.24 (print) = $2.24/sheet plus setup $25 (cut) + $25 (print)  ...  8 sheets = $67.92 ($8.49/sheet)  ...  16 sheets = $85.84 ($5.37/sheet)

Simple Design (non-exclusive), NotPrinted, Mid-Gloss White Label Stock
     $1 (cut) + $0.87 (blank) = $1.87/sheet plus setup $25 (cut)  ...  8 sheets = $39.96 ($4.99/sheet)  ...  16 sheets = $54.92 ($3.43/sheet)
A Few Examples of Pre-Configured Custom Cuts
(Contact support@label-headquarters.com about other designs.)

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