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03 May '18

Custom Cut Label Shapes

Posted by Ron Schwarz

In spite of all the standard die cut labels labels available, sometimes you need something a little different. Whether it is to fit packaging, accent your logo, or just to make an impact, a custom shape is sometime just the right answer. Unfortunately die cut labels cost hundreds of dollars just to create the die, and that is before you have your first label made. Consequently, unless you need thousands of labels, it is NOT generally a viable option.

Fortunately, there are short run options. Computer controlled cutters can cut any shape without the investment in a die. Obviously this is not a good option if you need thousands of labels ... but if you need a small quantity of special labels, they can't be beat. Any design can be cut, on any available paper stock, with as many on the page as will fit.

Picture your company logo, printed and cut in the shape of the logo. Or, maybe as a baker you have labels cut in the shape of a cupcake to label your packaging. Labels can also be cut to fit bottles, jars, boxes, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Our custom cut flag label is an example of a label that  has been printed and cut to the shape of the graphic.  The cut line is very close around the graphic producing a waving flag shaped label.

For more information, along with some pricing notes visit the Custom Cut Labels page.  To review all "standard" sizes and shapes review our Label Comparison Chart for in-stock options, and our Blank Labels page.

As always if you would like to discuss options that might fill your needs, email us at support@label-headquarters.com with your questions.

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