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23 Apr '18

Waterproof and Water Resistant Labels

Choosing the right labels for your needs is crucial when you are labeling products.   Many of our customers are using pre-designed packaging, that allows for a label to be added with their name and contact information.   Examples of this are honey & maple producers, jam, jelly & apple butter producers, and those marketing products such as shampoos, soaps, and lotions.  Each product has it's own requirements as to size, shape, label stock, and at times the adhesive.

Label stock can be divided into several broad categories as they relate to waterproof or water resistance.   

The first are those with absolutely no water resistance.  Examples of this are plain white and colored labels. Using a basic address sheet label as an example, the White Permanent, Pastel Colors, and Fluorescent Color labels are examples.  While they should not smear or smudge when properly laser printed, they will absorb water quickly and may quickly become unreadable.

The second are labels with some water resistance.  Examples of this are Gloss White, Gold Foil, and Silver Foil.   Since these labels either have a "coating" or have a layer of actual foil, the surface of the label is either water resistant, or waterproof.   However, under the coating or the foil is a paper layer.   These labels will slowly absorb water along the edges and eventually will start to de-laminate (come apart).  For example they may withstand a dozen cycles in the dishwasher, but will show wear.   Examples of these are found on our Traditional Address Labels as Gloss White, Gold Foil, and Silver Foil.

The third and final category are labels that are highly water resistant or waterproof.  We have tested four label stock types with very good results.  These  label types have been tested in a wet environment (shower & dishwasher), and have been exposed to oil/lotions.  All four types were laser printed (not inkjet), and stood up very well throughout the test.  The four tested types were Matte Clear, Crystal Clear, White Polyester, and White Vinyl.   The testing included printing a color background with black text.  Examples of the first three are available with the Traditional Address Labels ... all four are available with most of the blank label options.

For some products one other option to consider is the All Temp Freezer stock type.   While it is not designed for a wet environment, it will stand up to temperature variations and still stick to the product.  It is also available with most of the blank label options.

As always if you are unsure as to the right product for your needs, email us at support@label-headquarters.com with your questions and we will help you unravel the mysteries of the 25 label "stock" types, and 188 sheet label "designs" we have available.  

01 Nov '16

Personalized return address labels for every occasion

Whether you're looking for labels for holiday mailings, business correspondence, invitations and announcements or just personal address labels, we can help you find the right sticker. At Label-Headquarters find personalized return address labels just for you. Add your own finish to your mailings with our self stick address labels.

In today's instant world on the go, who has the time to finish each mailing with a handwritten address? Our self stick address labels not only save you time, they are unique in terms of design and style. So order online today and we will ship them to you with free shipping!

On the move with change of address labels

Always keep these labels handy. You may need them while you're traveling, paying bills or when you move to a new location. Besides change of address labels, these stickers also make great gifts for friends and family. So personalize tags for your near and dear ones and make them feel special. These self adhesive tags are also great for marking your identification on your personal items. You can even stick them on your luggage if and when the need arises.

Unique self stick address labels

Your name and address tag communicates to others who you are and reflects on your personality. Impress your friends, customers and clients with our self stick address labels. We guarantee not only great quality, but also the best prices in the industry. So wrap your gifts and spruce up your cards with our peel and stick personalized return address labels.

No more licking or wetting the back of the change of address labels to stick them on! Our self adhesive tags make it convenient for you to simply peel them off and fix them on your mail and they're ready to go!


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