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Below you will find instructions for loading the Elegant Round Plastic Dispensers, the Kannon Dispensers, and the Box Dispensers (which have been phased out)

NOTE: Our manufacturer has phased out the "Paperboard" Dispenser and replacing it with an easier to use "Kannon" Dispenser.   If you choose the "Free Dispenser" you will receive either the Paperboard or the Kannon Dispenser.  

You can upgrade from the Free Dispenser to the Elegant Dispenser for an additional $1.50. Roll Labels Products that do not have the option of a "Free Dispenser" (Flag & Patriotic, Designer,  White Print) automatically come with the Elegant Dispenser.

Elegant Plastic Dispenser

Step 1
Remove the first label. Place roll into the dispenser. Thread end of label through thin slit as shown above.
Step 2
Place label backing through the feeder part of the dispenser, stopping just before label reaches feeder.
Step 3
Line up the cover notch with the dispenser feeder and push until the cover is securely attached to the dispenser.
Step 4
Just pull label backing and your labels are ready for dispensing. When label pops up halfway, just peel it off and it’s ready to use!

Kannon Dispenser

Step 1
Place roll label on dispenser center peg. Feed leading edge of label roll through top tavel exit slit as shown above.
Step 2
Fold dispenser and press both sides together at center until center pegs snap shut as shown above.
Step 3
Feed exposed leading edge of roll label through bottom label carrier exit slit. Pull leading edge of label carrier down to start label feed.
Step 4
To dispense labels, simply pull down on leading edge of label carrier. Remember to leave a small length of carrier paper to grasp when you need more labels.

Paperboard Dispenser

Step 1
Tuck in side tabs and fold flap marked Bottom Flap into box. Drop labels into the box with end of label tape at top.
Step 2
Fold top side flaps all the way down in box and close top of box, leaving Dispenser Tab free.
Step 3
Pull label tape across top of box and fold Dispenser Tab over tape, inserting it into slot.
Step 4
To dispense labels, pull slowly on end of label tape, and labels will pop up. Remember to leave a small length of backing paper to grasp when you need more labels.

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