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Many of our labels are suitable for labeling items going to daycare or preschool withFirefighter Kid Design your child.   But, the Daycare Name Tag Labels were developed with just this task in mind.   More economical that many other labels on the market.   They include a fun graphic and your child's naRainbow Kid Designme.   Nametag labels are small enough to fit on most items. They come in packs of five sheets, with your choice of type (White, Gloss White, Matte Clear, Crystal Clear, Polyester or a collection of all five).  The Clear and Polyester labels are waterproof.

If you need more information on your labels, consider our Traditional Address Labels, they allow for up to five lines of text and are available in all of the same types (White, Gloss White, Matte Clear, Crystal Clear, Polyester). 

Please share this information with any other Parents, Daycares & Preschools, and Email us at support@label-headquarters.com with any questions, comments, or additional product or graphic option requests.

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