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Label-Headquarters can provide you with a full range of product labels.  We offer both standard designs, and fully custom labels.  We can also make minor customizations to all of our standard products.   Customizations can include color changes to both the text and background; inclusion of your company logo; using a different font option; and content alignment. 

Fully custom labels can be any shape, and size, including labels cut to any shape you want.  Text and be other content can be arranged in any way you desire.  See below for more information and examples.

Email us at support@label-headquarters.com with any questions, comments, or additional product requests.  If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask.

(Note: Color Icons available on white or clear labels,  Black Icons available on any color label) 


B042 Color Maple LeafB042 Color Honey BeeB042 Black Maple LeafB042 Black Honey Bee


Products developed just for Product Labeling

These CIRCLE labels were specifically developed just for Honey/Maple Producers, however we can customize them to fit your product labeling needs.  

2.5", 2", and 1.625" circle labels
(we can print any content that fits)
These circle labels can be printed with a solid AMBER background or one of the background designs or borders shown below.  Select the size that fits best on your lid, or front of the jar.  All of them "fit" on regular or wide-mouth mason jars, but the 2.5" fits under the rim and doesn't lay flat on a regular mason jar.  Standard layout is available by selecting below, or email  support@label-headquarters.com for information about full label customization.     We will be adding additional "standard" backgrounds, and are very open to additional suggestions.



1" circle label perfect for bottle tops.

(We can print any content that fits 
- "Net Weight is just an example.)

Available in White, Amber, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Violet.   Other colors on request.



Leave the Net weight off your Main Label, in order to use on all bottle sizes. Then add this label to the top of the bottle to indicate the size.


1.75" x 1.25" labels 
This design is printed with an amber background.  The title line will be printed in bold bracketed with maple leaves or bees.   A fine line is used to separate the title from the body of the text. Up to four lines can be printed below the line. See below for fully customized content on this or 1.75" x 1.125" labels.

B843 Maple LabelB843 Honey Label
  1" square labels 
(We can print any content that fits 
- "Made in the USA" is just an example.)

Available in White, Amber, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Violet.   Other colors on request.

Add this label to highlight size, source, or any other brief information.


Custom Labels 

Normal setup cost for a standard custom text layout on a standard graphic, or "camera ready" art that includes all text is $10. The charge for mixed graphics and art starts at $25 and depends entirely on the amount of time required.  Setup fees are one-time and do not apply to exact reorders.

ALL labels designs can be customized to suit your needs, below are examples of fully customized labels. 
For a comprehensive chart of our "in-stock" label options, refer to the Labels Comparison Chart.

Produced from
"camera ready" art."

Custom Label from Camera Ready Art
Custom Text on
Standard Graphic.
Custom Honeycomb Label

Custom Text with a  
Custom Graphic.
Custom Maple Leaf Label

Cut to Shape Label
(any shape)
Cut to Shape Maple Leaf Label


Standard Products 

Below you will find a selection of other products that are often selected for product labeling.
Traditional Sheet Labels   5/8" x 1 7/8", White, Clear, Rainbow, Colors, Gold, Silver, Maximum 5 lines, 32 characters per line.
     Larger & shaped differently than Traditional labels at 1" x 1.5", White, Colors, Gold, Maximum 7 lines, 40 characters per line.
Traditional Sheet Labels

Logo Labels are the same shape & colors as the Traditional Labels, but it uses YOUR uploaded color or black logo.

     A slightly different shaped label at 3/4" x 1 1/4", allowing for up to 5 lines of 30 characters each. Best used for shorter lines.
Standard Roll Labels 3/4" x 2 1/2", White, Clear, Rainbow, Gold, Silver, Maximum of 4 lines, 28 characters per line.
     Smaller than the Traditional labels at 1/2" x 1 3/4", allows for up to 3 lines of 40 characters.
     Bold First Line Labels, same as the Traditional Labels with the First Line in BOLD.
     White on Color Roll Labels (including mocha) 3/4" x 2 1/2", Maximum of 4 lines, 28 characters per line
The smallest address label we offer at 1/2" x 1 1/4", allowing for up to 4 lines of 30 characters each.  Please note that the print can get very small on this label.
Accent Line Labels, less content, but a distinctive "Title" line (18 characters) and two content lines (40 characters each)
Edge Monogram Labels, same size and content as the Traditional Labels with an up to 4 character Monogram.
Grand Monogram Labels, for a distinctive look with up to 4 lines, 32 characters.

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