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The following list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is often the speediest method of resolving questions and customer service issues. If you are unable to find a solution from the categories below, please contact our Customer Support department.

Can I pay by Check or Money Order?
Label-Headquarters does accept payment by check or money orders.  Simply place your order online as normal, but when you get to the "Payment Methond Page" in the Checkout Process, choose "Check Or Money Order (Mail Order)" as the payment method.   Both the order confirmation web-page and the order confirmation email will give you the mailing address.   You order will not be sent to production until the payment is received.

How much information can be printed on the label, and how will it be formatted?
Please visit our Personalization Tips and Limitations page for a complete description of  how the labels and stampers will be formatted, line lengths, and other information that will help you choose the labels best suited for your needs.

Can I mail in my order instead of placing it online?
Label-Headquarters does have order forms that you can download and print.  They include a selection of our most popular products.  For fastest service place your order online, and pay by Credit Card or PayPal. Alternately, place your order online and indicate that you will pay by Check OR Money Order.  Mailing in an order form will result in a slight delay in production.

Sheet Label Order Form  --  Roll Label Order Form  --  Child Products Order Form

Does Label-Headquarters re-key my label content?
In order to provide you with the most economically produced quality labels, order content is not re-keyed, nor routinely checked by Label-Headquarters staff prior to being sent to the production department where the entire process is automated.   It is therefore crucial that you proof your own content.  If capitalization, punctuation, spelling, or spacing is not how you want it please correct it to read EXACTLY as you wish before you place your order.   IF a Label-Headquarters staff member happens to see a mistake, most "corrections" will not be made without contacting you first to insure that it isn't the way you want it even if it "looks" incorrect.  This contact may delay production.  If while reviewing your order confirmation you see a mistake, contact Customer Support immediately to make the correction before your order it sent to production.

Can I change my order?
Once an order is submitted to us through any medium, we CAN make changes to your order for about 24 hours.  However, once it is submitted to production we CANNOT, stop it and/or make a change to it.  If while reviewing your order confirmation to see a mistake, contact Customer Support immediately to make the correction before your order it sent to production.

I have not received my order. Where is it?
Most personalized products are shipped via USPS bulk mail, therefore please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of your order. If you have not received your order in that time, please Contact Us.

I received part of my order, but not all of it. Where is the rest?
If you have ordered non-personalized products i.e. Blank Labels, most or all of them will ship together in one box. However, f you have ordered personalized products, most are shipped separately as they are produced. Please allow up to 3 weeks from the day we ship each package for it to arrive. If you have not received the rest of your order in that time, please Contact Us

I received my order, but my personalized product is incorrect. What should I do?
If the error was made by us during production, Label-Headquarters will at no cost to you correct and replace your order.  Refunds, or charges for replacements, when errors are made by the customer at the time the order was entered online, are at our discretion.  Please visit our Customer Support page for more information.  

I am not happy with my order. What is your customer return policy?
Refunds, or charges for replacements, when errors are made by the customer at the time the order was entered online, are at our discretion.   Please visit our Customer Support page for the complete policy.

How do I load the Roll Label Dispensers
Detailed instructions can be found on the Custom Roll Label Dispensers page.

I'm looking for a particular item, but don't see it on your website. Do you have it?
Most of our available products are shown on our website. You may use the search option in the upper left, or the menu on the left of all pages to locate items you are looking for. If you are looking for custom labels in quantity or have a product question, please feel free to Contact Us.

I'm looking for blank labels in smaller quantities or blank label products not offered on Label-Headquarters.  Where can I find them? 
Visit our sister store at  shq.compulabel.com for a comprehensive selection of blank sheet laser/inkjet labels & cards, pinfeed labels and cards, thermal transfer & direct thermal roll labels and many other related products.  Package sizes start with as few as 100 sheets.    Free Shipping on all shq.compulabel.com Products

Why is there a price difference between the product shown on my flyer and the same item online?
You may have found  Label-Headquarters by following a link, or search, from an IPC flyer.  Many of these flyers say "Labels", and "Salem, VA".  In March of 2015 Information Products Co. (IPC) was bought out and is no longer in business.  For many years we hosted web-stores for them at IPC-Store.com, IPCLabels.com, and AddressLabels-Canada.com.  Since they are no longer in business, we had to find a new distributor.   The small roll labels are no longer available, however sheet labels of the same size are available.  The price for these sheet labels is similar to that of the most recent flyers that IPC distributed.  Roll Labels are still available, but they are larger, of higher quality, and have a different price than the original IPC Labels.

I tried placing an order on your web site, but it wouldn't go through. What's wrong?
There are a variety of reasons that an order will not submit. The web server may be busy or down, the connection from your service provider may be down, or there may be a problem with your computer or software. Please wait and try to submit your order at a later time. If you continue to experience problems and feel that the problem is with our service, please contact Customer Support.

I get a message that I don't have "cookies" turned on. What is this?
Cookies are a common system for holding small bits of information on your machine for the purpose of managing your shopping cart. On our site this is only used for your cart number, which allows us to tell the difference between one person's order, and another. Without this we cannot have a shopping cart system. We do not store cookies permanently. Our cookies expire after a short period of inactivity or when you quit your internet software. Although some people and organizations have expressed concerns that cookies could be used for sinister purposes, our use of them is completely safe and transparent.

Will you sell or rent my name, address or email address to other companies?
We respect our customer's right to privacy. Once you have placed an order through our company, we may occasionally send you information, via email, regarding special offers or products we feel might interest you. If at any time you decide that you would like to be removed from our email list, just follow the click Unsubscribe link in the email.  Your email address and/or phone number will never be given out.

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