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Pure Romance - Labels

Label-Headquarters is aware that a significant number of Pure Romance Consultants use our labels for their products and catalogs.  While no single consultant orders enough labels to justify a large quantity discount, as a group you have a significant impact on our sales, and we would like to recognize your business.  In appreciation we would like to extend a 10% discount on all orders.   To use this discount enter "PureRomance" (without the quotes) as the discount code during the checkout process.

In addition, we are offering some products or product options on this page that are not generally available.   We have worked with a consultant to select a "pink" background that works well with your products.   A "round" label option is available in two sizes, either using pink background or pink text.    

NEW PRODUCT OPTION: We have been working with a PR Consultant to develop and test waterproof labels.   A number of label types have been tested in a wet environment (shower & dishwasher), and have been exposed to oil/lotions.  Three options are now available Matte Clear, Crystal Clear and Polyester.   While on request all three label types can be printed in nearly any color,  five "stock" options are available.   White Polyester, Pink Polyester, Yellow Polyester, Matte Clear, and Crystal Clear.   Currently these options are only available on the PR-Traditional Address Label Sheets (approximately 1 7/8" x 5x5").

If I may quote the consultant we worked with in testing the waterproof products: "...works great on our oils at a affordable price cheaper then the leading company’s! and wonderful support people I will for sure order again Thank you!!”

Please share this information with any other Pure Romance consultants, and Email us at support@label-headquarters.com with any questions, comments, or additional product requests.

Products developed just for Pure Romance Consultants  

Pure Romance Circle Labels

These CIRCLE labels were specifically developed for Pure Romance Consultants.  Printed using Comic as the font, and "Pure Romance" arced over the top, they are a bit more fun than straight lines of text.   Your name is featured, and there are plenty of lines for additional information.  They are available in two sizes 2" and 2.5", with exactly the same layout. The 2.5" label is available in black text on a pink background, or pink text on a white background.   The 2" label is only available with pink text on a white background. To view these labels click on PR - Round Sheet Labels.


Products with additional options for Pure Romance Consultants

 Traditional Sheet Labels

These are exactly the same labels listed in the store as "Traditional Address Label Sheets (approximately 1 7/8" x 5/8")"  with the additional option of a pink background.   It allows for up to 5 lines of text, and up to 32 characters per line.   "Personal Address Label Sheets" are the same size, but only allows for 4-28 character lines.  To select PINK you will need to select "PR-Traditional Address Label Sheets (approximately 1 7/8" x 5x5")"


Up to 7 lines Sheet Labels

These are exactly the same labels listed in the store as "Sheet Labels - 1.5" x 1.0", Up to 7 Lines of Text"  with the additional option of a pink background. It allows for up to 7 lines of text, and up to 40 characters per line.  To select PINK you will need to select "PR - Sheet Labels - 1.5" x 1.0", Up to 7 Lines of Text"



Standard Products 

Below you will find a selection of other products that are often selected by Pure Romance consultants.   While some of them could be "customized" for Pure Romance consultants, at this point they are only listed here for your convenience in comparing the options available.

Standard Roll Labels 3/4" x 2 1/2", White, Clear, Rainbow, Gold, Silver, Maximum of 4 lines, 28 characters per line.
     A slightly different shaped label at 3/4" x 1 1/4", allowing for up to 5 lines of 30 characters each. Best used for shorter lines.
     Smaller than the Traditional labels at 1/2" x 1 3/4", allows for up to 3 lines of 40 characters.
     Bold First Line Labels, same as the Traditional Labels with the First Line in BOLD.
White on Color Roll Labels (including pink) 3/4" x 2 1/2", Maximum of 4 lines, 28 characters per line
     The smallest address label we offer at 1/2" x 1 1/4", allowing for up to 4 lines of 30 characters each.  Please note that the print can get very small on this label.
     Accent Line Labels, less content, but a distinctive "Title" line (18 characters) and two content lines (40 characters each)
     Edge Monogram Labels, same size and content as the Traditional Labels with an up to 4 character Monogram.
Grand Monogram Labels, for a distinctive look with up to 4 lines, 32 characters.

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